Renault создала электрический фургон с запасом хода 200 километров

A unique range of four electric light commercial vehicles
better total cost of ownership (TCO), cutting fleet running costs (lower consumption, manage and plan servicing).
takes less than one night to charge: a full charge takes six hours with the 7 kW WallBox. Master Z.E.
features major innovations: a new battery, new engine, new charger, new innovative connected services, and a heat pump in the air conditioning system. New Kangoo Z.E. – New Kangoo Z.E.
(**)  NEDC: New European Driving Cycle, the European standard measuring emissions and fuel consumption.
In real use, on a delivery cycle3***, the vehicle would have a range of around 200 km with a single load. New Kangoo Z.E. New Kangoo Z.E. has a greater available range than any other electric LCV. now proposes a range of 270 km NEDC compared with 170 km for Kangoo Z.E.
Renault is focused on a Zero Emission* future, and we look forward to bringing next-generation EV solutions to our professional customers.”Gilles Normand – Global Head of Electric Vehicle Business “Today’s announcement marks another advancement in Renault’s EV leadership, with two new additions to our lineup that expand access to the benefits of electric mobility, to more people.
Нoвинкa будeт прoдaвaться в трex вaриaнтax длины и двуx вeрсияx высoты. вырoс сo 170 дo 270 км, a в приближeнныx к пoвсeднeвным услoвияx – дo 200 км. Слeвa нaпрaвo: Twizy, Zoe, Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E. Вeсoмoe прeимущeствo нa фoнe нeдaвниx зaявлeний мэрoв Пaрижa, Мaдридa, Aфин и Мexикo o зaпрeтe дo 2025 гoдa эксплуaтaции в гoрoдax дизeльныx aвтoмoбилeй. Нaпoмним, нoвaя вeрсия Renault Zoe – ZE 40 – былa рaссeкрeчeнa в сeнтябрe 2016 гoдa. В кoмпaнии Renault oжидaют, чтo нoвинкa oкaжeтся вoстрeбoвaннoй для дoстaвки тoвaрoв в гoрoдскoй чeртe, пoскoльку пo вмeстимoсти и грузoпoдъeмнoсти элeктрoкaр нe уступaeт дизeльным мoдификaциям, нo при этoм нe выбрaсывaeт в aтмoсфeру врeдныx вeщeств. Двигaтeли – мoщнoстью 77 или 88 л.с., в зaвисимoсти oт мoдификaции. Тaким oбрaзoм, элeктричeскaя линeйкa фрaнцузскoй мaрки тeпeрь сoстoит из чeтырex мoдeлeй: Twizy, Zoe, Kangoo Z.E. Кoмпaния Renault Pro+ прeдстaвилa нa aвтoсaлoнe в Брюссeлe элeктричeскую вeрсию фургoнa Master, a тaкжe мoдeрнизирoвaнный Kangoo Z.E. Oт oднoй зaрядки xэтчбeк с нoвым oбoрудoвaниeм прoeзжaeт дo 400 км в циклe NEDC и oкoлo 300 км – в рeaльныx услoвияx. Пoкaзaть прeсс-рeлиз
Скрыть Eврoпeйскиe прoдaжи Renault Master Z.E. мoжнo будeт купить нaчинaя с лeтa этoгo гoдa. Нoвый элeктрoмoбиль Renault Master Z.E. При пoдключeнии к зарядной станции мощностью 7 кВт восстановление запаса энергии занимает около шести часов. Внешне электрический Renault Master никак не отличается от дизельных. Во Франции и некоторых других странах Европы модернизированный Kangoo Z.E. Такая модификация хэтчбека получила аккумуляторную батарею ёмкостью 41 кВт⋅ч (вместо батареи ёмкостью 22 кВт⋅ч), модернизированную систему охлаждения и энергоменеджмента, а также опциональную систему быстрой зарядки. укомплектован аккумуляторной батареей ёмкостью 33 кВт⋅ч и одним мотором R75 мощностью 57 кВт (76 л.с.), который также устанавливается на хэтчбек Renault Zoe. Компактный фургон Renault Kangoo Z.E получил такую же как у «Мастера» аккумуляторную батарею емкостью 33 кВт⋅ч, новый мотор мощностью 60 л.с., который построен на базе силового агрегата R75/90 для обновленного Renault Zoe, и иное зарядное устройство (как у Renault Master Z.E.). В компании «Рено» заявили, что в настоящее время это лучший показатель «дальнобойности» для электрического LCV. Renault Kangoo Z.E. С новой батареей и мотором паспортный запас хода Kangoo Z.E. Семейство электромобилей Renault. и Master Z.E. От одной 100-процентной зарядки коммерческий фургон проезжает по европейскому испытательному циклу NEDC до 200 км. начнутся в конце 2017 года. с увеличенным на 50% запасом хода.
With this more powerful charger, New Kangoo Z.E. New Kangoo Z.E. A full charge takes around six hours from a 7 kW WallBox. cuts charging time thanks to a new-generation 7 kW AC charger. recovers a range of 35 km in just one hour of charging (in a temperate climate).
New connected services enable professional customers to do better business by connecting van to their activity.
Ensure driver safety.
Master Z.E.: Renault’s expertise in electric vehicles soon available in a large van
Master Z.E. is equipped with the “Z.E. 33” battery (33 kWh) and fitted with the R75, an engine of advanced energy efficiency,with output of 57 kW/76 hp, inherited from ZOE. has a range of 200 km NEDC. Master Z.E.
Master Z.E. will arrive in the European market at the end of 2017.
Renault Pro+ is continuing to expand its offer through a range of services dedicated to LCV users, delivered primarily through a global network of 650 specialist centres, meeting the highest standards. Building on its position in Europe and a strong base in Latin America and Africa, Renault Pro+ is pursuing its global ambitions with an even wider range of vehicles tailored to the many and varied needs of business customers.
and Master Z.E. Renault Pro+ now includes four electrics LCVs: Twizy Cargo (a quadricycle with a boot launched in 2014), New Commercial ZOE (based on New ZOE with a range of 400 km NEDC launched in September 2016), New Kangoo Z.E.
Connected services for all Renault LCV customers
Brussels Motorshow, Belgium – Renault Pro+ today announces two world premier additions to its Renault Pro+ range of electric vehicles. With four electric light commercial vehicles (LCV), this range is unique in the world. Moreover the company expands its range of connected services for commercial customers as well as its specialist network.
New Kangoo Z.E. is built in France and will go on sale in Europe from mid-2017.
Master Z.E. gains the Z.E. expertise of Renault, European leader in electric vehicles, while maintaining all the qualities that have made Master a benchmark in the heavy van sector.

and Master Z.E., Renault Pro+ is continuing to expand its tailor made offering dedicated to professional customers, while developing connected services for business users. With New Kangoo Z.E. “Renault Pro+ is market leader in electric LCV sales in Europe. We are confident that our professional customers will experience our Zero Emission* connected vans which will significantly contribute to better business as well as driving experience.”Ashwani Gupta – Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicle Business
New Kangoo Z.E. features a real innovation in the world of electric LCVs: a heat pump linked to the air conditioning, maintaining range in cold weather.
This electric version of Master is aimed primarily at fleets running last-mile distribution services in the city, as well as large municipalities and local government. This heavy van’s load characteristics, range and charge time are tailored to the needs of business customers in and around cities.
valuable vehicle data for effective and efficient business management.
Renault Pro+ announces world premier of two new commercial electric vehicles: New Kangoo Z.E.* and Master Z.E.*  to add to its electric LCV family.

(*)    Zero Emissions in use: no emissions of CO2 or regulated air pollutants during driving, in compliance with the NEDC homologation cycle, excluding wear parts
Like its consumer electric vehicles, LCV customers can also take advantage of new connected services like Z.E. Trip and Z.E. These services enable an easy charging on one of Europe’s 80,000 public EV charging points. In 2017, Renault Pro+ will also be rolling out a number of other connected services dedicated to business users, starting with two prioritary service families, “Fleet Management” and  “Predictive  Maintenance”. Pass on New Kangoo Z.E.
“Predictive Maintenance” involves issuing real-time information on the vehicle’s condition. Based on the predictive data analysis system, it helps to:
New Kangoo Z.E. gains a new battery and a new engine with a range increase of over 50%: 270 km NEDC** – creating new category leader.

“Fleet Management” is a telematic service which gives access for fleet managers to:

(***) Delivery cycle: a real cycle based on a business user making deliveries over a distance of 107 km around a city and on motorways over a period of 2 hrs and 25 minutes.
About Renault Pro+
brings the expertise of Renault, European leader in electric vehicles, to the large van segment. Master Z.E.
Plan ahead for maintenance and thus optimize servicing costs.
Maximize vehicle availability to increase productivity.
is equipped with a new “Z.E.33” battery (33kWh) and also gains a new engine, 100% Renault, developing 60 hp and based on the ZOE R75/90 engine. New Kangoo Z.E. It is built in France at the Renault Cléon plant.

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